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How did home cleaning begin?

It began in the times of stone aged man. It’s believed that he noticed that water would wash away dirt from his hands. It progressed from there to 2800 B.C. A soap-like material was found in clay cylinders during the excavation of ancient Babylon. Clay cylinders were found with inscriptions on them. They said that fats and ashes were boiled but the reasons were not given. All we know is that this was a soap making method.

The ancient Egyptians would spend time bathing. A medical document called The Ebers Papyrus spoke of animal, vegetable oils and alkaline salts from a soap like material used to treat skin disease along with washing. Moses is said to have given the Israelites detailed laws governing personal cleanliness. Cleanliness, health and religious purification were all related.

The accident Greeks would also bathe for antiseptic reason. However they would use sand, pumice blocks of clay and ashes.

The Romans made a name in history for themselves with their public bathing on a grand scale. The great plagues followed this. The fall of Rome in 467 A.D. led to less bathing habits and contributed to all that followed. Take The Black Death, for example. That was around the 14th century the 17th century saw cleaning come back into fashion. Soap making was now looking to be an established craft.

And so soap and cleaning was a part of everyday life.

Modern day see’s so much cleaning now. There is a product for every task. Take the average house. The first thing to remember is to keep cleaning products in a safe place. This falls into basic health and safety in the home.

Work tops and other surfaces should be cleaned before and after use every day. Choose a product that best suits the surface. Sinks, taps and modern baths all have a product to suit but you can use tooth paste on areas like these including tile grout.

Colour coded cloths are a good idea for some places. The wrong cloth or sponge may scratch the delicate surfaces around the home and a cloth too soft may not be abrasive enough to remove tuff debris. Stainless steel is good because germs have almost nowhere to hide on this surface. Again, washing up liquid and warm water should be adequate.

Even the house hold items deserve a sparkling shine. Make sure the kettle, toaster, microwave and any other items that are on show are cleaned.

A broom, dust pan and brush and a vacuum are modern day essentials too. The floor area should be done every day. These jobs are a must due to the level of dirt that can be walked in from outside. The floor may also need mopping. Carpets will benefit from a once in a blue moon clean. There are again many products for cleaning the floor.

House work does not end there. In modern day we also like to have clean out doors as well. The front door, garden patio and the furniture including toys, swings etc. all these areas and item will carry some bacteria and will look dirty over time.

The average house has more than a couple of rooms. Take the bed room for example. There is more to just sleeping there. We do our hair, dress before and after showering among other bed room activities. They main cause for concern is the bedding and the bed itself. Bed bugs, dead skin cells and maybe even saliva and mucus can all find their way to the bed, mattress and pillows. These things harbor and feed germs, bacteria and bed bugs. Though bed bugs are harmless in small numbers, they can irritate allergies.

Beds should be vacuumed now and then and bedding should be washed regularly. Our night cloths also see the washing machine on a regular basis. Our night wear is accompanied by the clothes we wear every day. Washing socks and underwear is a must because these items have to cover the parts that hold bacteria as part of the daily cycle of our bodies keeping clean independently.

The living room will also take a little looking after. The surfaces can be cleaned with polish to remove dust and a damp cloth can be used on most tables etc to remove tea or coffee spills and anything else that gets spilt or dropped.

The toilet is a place of hell for us and a heaven to germs. When a toilet is cleaned the water should be pushed down as much as possible with a toilet brush first. Then you can apply the cleaning product and leave for a few minutes while you apply cleaning products to other places i.e., the sink and wiping down the seat etc of the toilet. Now the toilet can be flushed. This should be done with the lid down every time you flush because tiny particles of the toilet contents escape into the air.

To finish, many homes have pets. The area in which they live must be kept clean because they cannot go for a shower or to the toilet. They live in the conditions we provide and if we don’t keep their area clean, they won’t be clean and they will make other areas unclean too.

We must also remember to keep ourselves clean. It all began with man cleaning the mud off his hands in the river or lake. If we are not clean then our now clean house will only become dirty very soon because we will be the cause of the spread of disease.