Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is used in the majority of homes, and if cared for properly can have a full & extend lifetime.

Prevention is better than cure here are a few things you can do.

Take your shoes off, whether you like kicking them off or not, take them off. Shoes walk all sorts of dirt onto and into your carpet. Shoes on the soles have a sand paper finish; sand and dirt then grind away at your carpet, so kick off and take them off.

Vacume regularly, vacuuming once a week and more can prolong the life of your carpet. It does this by preventing a buildup of gritty particles that can cut carpet fibers. Make sure every week you get in those hard to reach areas, the radiator, or behind the table.

Another Prevention; not letting pets run straight in from the garden onto the carpet, dry their feet, or just simply keep them out the room until there completely dry.

Lastly there’s those simple ones, don’t eat or drink, as you are in danger of spill stains capable of wrecking or damaging your carpet.

Everybody’s worse fear, a stain.

A stain in your carpet can be pretty annoying let alone ruin your whole carpet. Stains in a carpet can be no hassle to remove, but you must never rub a stain, just blot. Rubbing a stain just breaks down fibres and spreads the stain. You can remove food stains with shaving cream. Spray it, but resist the temptation to rub it in, leave it to set for 15 minutes. Rinse with vinegar and water solution and Walla! No more stain.

There are many online websites that have homemade methods of removing stains, there are various stain remover products available from your local supermarket.

If you’re not up to the job of cleaning your carpet, then why not get a professional in?

Companies who provide carpet cleaning services are professionals and can generally do a better job than most homeowners. They have the professional equipment and knowledge, so if you have an awful stain, or something that just won’t budge. a professional carpet cleaner might be the answer.

Carpet care is vital for a nice looking floor, so whether it’s just kicking your shoes off, or having the professional in to clean your fiber friends, it’s as important as washing your hair.