Floor Cleaning

Start with a broom and a vacuum cleaner. Larger particles should be swept and collected up so as not to block the vacuum. Then, the vacuum can work its magic. Use the pipe to ensure that the edges clear of debris. The vacuum also needs to remain clean. This should be checked regularly.

The next step is to get a bucket of water ready and add your floor cleaner. The mop and bucket should be thoroughly cleaned every time it’s used. This means you can start with clean tools. The mop must be stored with the handle end in the bucket and the mop end cleaned and rung out facing up. This lets it dry out stops smells from mold etc building up. When mops get left in the dirty water they soon begin to fall apart all over the floor as your mopping. This is due to the harsh chemicals rotting it.

The mop needs to be rung out before making contact with the floor; the floor will dry faster and therefore be safe to walk on sooner. Stubborn sticky marks may need a scrubbing. Make sure you use a suitable cloth or sponge for this.

There are some parts of the house that will have carpets down. With so many products on the market that claim to clean your carpets, knowing which one to buy can be a mine field. Many house hold substances can do a very good job without having to purchase and introduce to you carpet. Some suggestions such as toothpaste or white vinegar are just 2 examples. If in any doubt, you could call the professionals to come and clean it for you. You could even invest in a professional carpet cleaner to do it yourself.

Because there are different types of flooring what’s good for one room may not be good for another. If you have lino, you don’t need to worry about water being left in the joints like you would an adhesive backed tiled floor.

A stone floor could cope with a more abrasive cleaner and cleaning tool. It would probably require this because dirt would have a better hold on the porous material.

Wooden and laminate can be hard or soft warring. You don’t want to bleach it or rub it away.

This shows that floors are more than just places to walk on. They need the correct cleaning with correct chemicals and the correct tools if you want it done properly.

Take care and choose wisely.