Freezer Cleaning

Cleaning your Freezer

The first thing you should do is choose a cleaning product that works for you. There are many detergents that will do what you want it to. You could try using bicarbonate of soda as its affective, cheap and safe to use.

What is bicarbonate of soda?

Sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate as its also known is a chemical compound that has a formula of NaHCO3. Although Sodium bicarbonate is often in the form a fine powder is in fact a white solid. It is crystalline with a slight alkaline taste. Found dissolved in many springs. It’s a component of the mineral neutron.

What can you do with it?

Soda loading Athletes needing a supplement for endurance have been known to use this.

Neutralization of acids and bases

You can use it to put out small fires among other things.

Medical uses

Use for everything from acid indigestion to chronic renal failure.

Personal hygiene

Tooth paste and deodorant can be made at home for personal use.


There are many areas in cooking this is because of chemical reaction that takes place. Carbon dioxide is produced.

As a cleaning agent

This is where we become interested in this fantastic product. You can use it to scrub, soften, and remove tarnish. You can even deodorise with it.

So let’s get going.

Firstly, defrost the freezer correctly by following the manufacturer’s advice. You should empty your freezer of all food stuffs and remember to check the dates as you go, you never know what could be lurking at the back. Don’t be tempted to start banging and stabbing at lumps of ice, this may result in permanent damage to the freezer’s interior. Once all the ice is gone you can begin.

Now that you have a perfect cleaner and an empty freezer, let’s get going.

Next you need to take out any removable parts like the trays and draws. Place these in hot soapy water to soak or place them in the dish washer if the fit.

Now, using the cleaning product of your chaise you can begin. Make sure you get into all the corners and to the back of the freezer. Wipe out from top to bottom not forgetting the roof.

For hard to clean areas you can use a soft brush or cloth but don’t use anything with harsh abrasive effects, you don’t want to damage your freezer’s interior. Once all the cleaning is done, be sure to wipe away any residue left behind such as bubbles or detergent. You wouldn’t want to get it in your food.

While all this has been going the trays and any removable parts that fit will be clean by now as you hopefully will have remembered to soak them or place them in the dish washer.

Before replacing them, make sure they are dry and properly clean. All that is left to do now is to wipe the outside of the freezer.

There, a freezer with a sparkle.