Iron Cleaning

Cleaning your Iron

The effect of not cleaning your iron will leave you with loads of lime scale and your clothes may stick to the iron plate, it also may leave marks on your clothes.
A few tips of how to clean your iron:

To remove lime scale; fill the reservoir with a solution of clear vinegar and water. Leave for about one hour or two, then empty the reservoir and rinse out with clean water. Check the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before doing this due to it can damage self-cleaning irons.

Clean the soleplate by polishing and wiping with a soft cloth. (make sure the  iron is cool) Remove burnt-on sticky marks by rubbing them with pressure and a damp cloth when the iron is warm. More stubborn marks that you are finding hard to get off should be taken in hand with bicarbonate soda or white toothpaste.

Cleaning the steam vents; when you use hard water in the reservoir, the steam vents will get all clogged up with mineral deposits. Then this may make your iron won’t work as well as it should.

There are few different tools you can use to clean the steam vents, including Q-tips and paper clips, and pipe cleaners. Pick one of the items and dip in to cleaner in some distilled water. Then take your item and insert it into each steam vent and twist until the hole is clear. If there is serious build up in the vents, try the vinegar/salt mixture. But make sure you rinse well.

When cleaning your iron make sure you read the manufactures booklet first and that the iron is not on you don’t want a huge burn.

Also if you keep your iron clean and make sure it does not get to dusty it will stay cleaner.