Kettle Cleaning

Cleaning your kettle

Its 7am, the alarm has rudely awoken you. It’s dark and cold outside. You need a hot fresh cup of coffee to start the day. Ok, so you might not be a coffee drinker, you might not even be a tea drinker but if you stumble down the stairs and the first thing you reach for is the kettle then this is for you.

There is nothing worse first thing in the morning than getting to the bottom of your first hot drink to find gritty lime scale from the kettle. You might think that a kettle is clean because of the heat generated while in use but although the germs are dead, the lime scale will only become more.

It’s not hard to sort out. From vinegar to Bicarbonate of Soda to toothpaste to kettle cleaners, there is something foe every kettle in every kitchen. It doesn’t take long and it’s worth it too.

Start by making sure that the kettle won’t be picked up and used by anyone els in the house while cleaning is taking place. Give it a rinse out and then if you have a shop bought cleaner follow the instructions to the letter. They don’t usually take long to finish activating and you can get a range to suit different types of kettles i.e. stainless steel or plastic.

If you prefer something less aggressive then you could try the toothpaste mixed with

Don’t forget to unplug the kettle before you begin the cleaning.

Plastic kettles

A plastic kettle should only need a wiping over with a cloth and some warm soapy water using harsh brushes or detergents will probably clean but scratch too. You could rub a cut lemon over any stains to remove them.

Metal kettles

As above, metal kettles will do well with a cloth and soapy water wipes over.try buffing up with a microfiber cloth after. This will to banish any streaks.

Descale a kettle

Filling the kettle with water to the half way point and the other half with clear vinegar. Leave it overnight and first thing in the morning, empty the kettle and wipe it out. Refill with water and boil. Repeat the rinse and boil a couple of times and then you can sit down to your hot morning drink.

Happy drinking.